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Kickboxing/Boxing Fitness

Put down the weights, stop counting reps, relieve some stress, look, and feel your best! Our Kickboxing Fitness and Boxing Fitness sessions are designed to tone your entire body and leave you feeling like a champ. So if you're tired of rep counting reps and want to add some excitement as well as a new challenge to your routine, book your session today and let our mobile unit handle the rest.


It's your body. Why not take control of it? Make it do what you want. With Boxing Fitness you learn to move like a champ. You learn what it takes to go the extra mile to reach the goals you want. Our exercises are geared towards sculpting your body while eliminating the mundane task of counting repetitions. You will get a great workout and have a blast!

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With Kickboxing Fitness you get the full-body benefits of boxing with more focus on your legs as you learn how to properly throw kicks and punches. This is not to be confused with Tae Bo. We train like champs and get the results to prove it without taking a hit.

The first session is always free. I invite you to try a session. Again this is not to be confused with cardio boxing or cardio kickboxing. What you will learn is what has been taught by a long line of masters and champions in the world of kickboxing. Our focus is on form and technique to ensure you are getting the most out of every movement. You don't have to be a fighter to train like a champ. Click the contact link below session information.

Schedule Your Session
10 classes $100

Join my Kickboxing Fitness Class

Tampa Family Fitness
Fridays @ 6:00PM
Wednesdays @ 8:00AM 

Training session packages may vary. Call club for details

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